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LeBron James

LeBron James catches a lot of heat in fantasy basketball, but almost none of it is ever for his performance on the floor. On the floor, James is the most complete and talented athlete in all of fantasy basketball. He can play virtually any position, he can lead a rush, he can pass, he can drive, we know he can shot, he can run an offense as good as any floor general point guard and he is big and physical enough to be a low post presence and a rebounder.

James was criticized for coming to Miami, and trying to win the game by stacking it in your favor is a little bit tasteless, but he did it. And how often do athletes get criticized for deciding that money is more important than championships? LeBron made the opposite move and was pasted for it. Now he has come out with comments saying that “its not his job” to be the league leader in points.

James is catching heat now because it’s not enough for him to be the most complete player in fantasy basketball for money. He needs to lead the league in points and not be shown up by an aging Kobe Bryant. However, James’ statements are self-evident. He doesn’t need to be the league’s leading scorer, and that is evidenced by the way his team is playing. Kobe leads the league in scoring, but is he happy? Kobe and the Lakers are setting the stage to be the most loaded team ever to miss the playoffs altogether. Kobe would easily give up the points title if it meant his team was going to get better, and that is what James is claiming that he has done for the Heat this season by not leading the league in scoring.

Whether people love James or they hate him, no one can deny that he is a fantasy basketball star. He is going to be that way for at least the next few seasons, and maybe even more. This is a guy who not only produces, but he finds a way to not get injured either. While injury risk is always around, he does a great job taking care of his body and avoiding anything like that. It should not be an issue for him going forward as long as he stays motivated and focused in the offseason.


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